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CB-PRO Cemented Carbide Band Saw Blade Case Study

May 15, 2023

Latest company case about CB-PRO Cemented Carbide Band Saw Blade Case Study
Material Designation
High-temperature alloy GH4169 (Inconel 718)
An aerospace material supplier sought a solution for sawing large-size superalloys. The customer sought to optimize their cutting operation and lower cost per cut. BICHAMP provided a multi-factor solution including tooth design, band speed, feed rates, lubrication.
* Material
BICHAMP chief of R&D Dr. Robert Hayden observed that the material’s specification was 700mm, which was too thick for regular carbide to cut through. The processing time for each material was over 12 hours. Bandsaw machine specifications are as follows:
Sawing machine
A domestic sawing machine
Line speed(m/min)
Saw blade specifications
Tooth pitch(TPI)
We proposed to use CB-PRO cemented carbide series for the following trial cuts.
* BICHAMP CB-PRO Bandsaw Blade
Resetting the running parameter for CB-PRO and completing a proper break-in, CB-PRO finished sawing with one blade, and the processing time was under 8 hours, a 30% increase in efficiency over other brands and superior finish surface with less burr.
CB-Pro outperforms the same category carbide under similar working conditions. CB-Pro total cutting surface reached 2.2 square meters while the customer’s original carbide reached 1.5 square meters, representing a 47%, increase in cutting surface further lowering cost per cut.
* BICHAMP chief of R&D Dr. Robert Hayden Calculating
* BICHAMP CB-PRO Cut V.S. Other Saw’s Cut
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