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Alloy Structural Steel Case Study

May 15, 2023

Latest company case about Alloy Structural Steel Case Study
A forging company asked BICHAMP to provide a sawing solution optimizing the current cutting operation.
Service Center engineers found that the customer mainly worked on materials includes: 42CrMo, 18CrNiMo.
42CrMo: alloy high-strength structural steel, difficult-to-cut
18CrNiMo: alloy high-strength structural steel, difficult-to-cut
On-site conditions were not optimistic:
1. Limited machinability from aging equipment and poor maintenance
2. Operating error from aggressively handling the blades
We decided to recommend the TANCUT High-Performance series, excellent heat resistance, and deep gullet capacity, for trial cuts.


Sawing parameters
Sawing Machine: Willis GW4250, Sihuiming GW4265, Minchuan GW4280, Sihuiming GW4280
Saw Blade Series: HB 54mm*1.60mm, 1.0/1.5TPI, 5470mmX3, 6560mmX3, 7700mmX3, 7980mmX3
Linear Speed: 20-32m/min (the linear speed gradually increases)
Feed Speed: 6-7mm/min
Cutting Fluid: cooling oil concentration 5%
*Cutting Result(Areas)


Following the specification from the chart above, the average sawing surface area of TANCUT is 9.3 square meters. With additional re-grinding, TANCUT can add an additional 3.69 square meters.

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